Diagnosis and treatment

I work with several methods in order to formulate a diagnosis and understand the underlying reasons for someone’ s illness or symptoms. Assessing the health through several methods will also help me define the best approach in terms of treatment. The physical and mental state are assessed through observation of the body, the tongue, the pulse as well as the existing and past symptoms.

The color of the skin, the expression of the face, the posture of the body, the sound of the voice and many other factors are all indicators allowing me to understand  the symptoms and the development of the disease.

An important aspect of the diagnosis is the appearance of the tongue, its color, its form, its irregularities in the flesh, the color and the structure of the upper layer on the tongue. Every area of the tongue will often supply important information about the health of the patient, the health of the individual organs. It will also often give an indication about the patient’ s energy level and the general state of health.

Finally, taking the pulse according to the Chinese medicine principles, will help me to confirm my diagnosis and it will often provide me with additional information about the vitality of the organs.  In the same way the tongue was analysed through its appearance; the pulse on its turn is checked on its speed, its  depth, its strength, its width. The quality of the blood flow felt during the palpation and other qualities of the pulse are all indicators of the health of the patient.

The information obtained above as well as all additional information confirmed by the patient will help me choose and discuss the best treatment options.

Every individual is unique, no symptoms are identical, which implies and individualised treatment for each patient. The most appropriate and most effective techniques of treatment will be used, combined and adjusted in the course of the treatment. The acupuncture, the moxa therapy, the cupping, the bioresonance, the massage Shiatsu will be used either individually, but more often in combination.