Bioresonance is a therapy which finds its origin in the modern physics. In the field of  biophysics, it has been known for many years that our cells also communicate through magnetic fields, vibrations. In the same way, it is also known that these magnetic fields are different and altered when our cells are getting sick. Although this field of study is still underestimated by the general public, it interests particularly researchers as it offers many possibilities in the way this principle can be used, particularly for the treatment of diseases.

This principle is currently being used in bioresonance treatment and it applies the existing knowledge of cell communication through magnetic fields. Certain chemical processes in our body are controlled through the vibrations or magnetic fields emanating from our own cells. These cells communicate is such way not only with neighbouring cells but also with more distant cells.

Everything in the universe consists of energy and every element has a unique vibration. This also applies to internal or external factors which might affect our body.  Pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, mycoses and many other types of triggers making someone ill, have their own vibrations or range of vibrations.

Many diseases or pathological processes in our body begin with vibrations which are unhealthy and affecting our cells. Such cells will in turn no longer be able to perform their function in a correct way.

By using a Bicom bioresonance device, test vials and a biotensor, the therapist is able to test and measure the magnetic fields currently present in the body. These can be either pathogenic or physiological fields, or vibrations. This enables the therapist to detect the presence of many different pathogens in the body. Furthermore, by using the same principle of communication with our cells, magnetic fields with specific frequencies are used for therapeutic purposes. This triggers the self regulating function of our cells and brings the body back into a healthy state.

This type of therapy can be used for a diversity of diseases and symptoms. It is particularly helpful in case of identifying allergies and the main allergic strains in the body. In a more general way, bioresonance helps to quickly identify the main pathogenic factors one is confronted with. I often combine this therapy in addition to the acupuncture treatment.