Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu is a therapeutic massage stemming from the Japanese tradition. This technique is based on the traditional  Oriental medicine, its meridians, the five elements, the movement of vital energy called Qi. Throughout the massage, the therapist applies some pressure mostly with the hands and fingers on specific points and regions of the body. This pressure will vary in intensity depending on the health of the patient and the purpose of applying pressure on a particular point or area.

During the massage, the therapist tries to determine the points of acupuncture and meridians which are out of balance. The application of the pressure benefits  the movement of the energy, eliminates possible stagnation of energy and stimulates the auto regulating capacity of the body. A better movement of the vital energy will often translate rapidly into a decrease of certain symptoms, which eventually will lead to health.

Shiatsu massage has a strong preventive and protecting effect on the body, It strengthens the immune system and allows a better interaction between the body and the mind, main condition for a feeling of well being.  Shiatsu can be applied and used for many ailments, symptoms, whether physical or psychological.

I will often combine Shiatsu techniques with the acupuncture treatments.

Shiatsu massage has developed over the last centuries into an exceptional technique. It is fascinating and beautiful to see it being applied, pleasant to practice and to undergo, beneficial for your well being and effective.